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Run of River & Small Hydro

Clean Energy Consulting has been involved in defining and delivering run of river and small storage hydro projects since the company's inception. The unique challenges and multi-disciplinary nature of these projects necessitates innovative and agile thinking, rigorous technical evaluation, and environmental stewardship – all of which are integral Clean Energy Consulting's values.

Run of river and small storage-based hydroelectric developments use mature technology developed for large hydroelectric facilities while maintaining a much smaller physical footprint.  A run of river power project is designed to divert a portion of a river's flow through a large pipe, or penstock, to turbines installed in the powerhouse situated at a lower elevation.  Alternatively, small storage-based hydro facilities (<50 MW) are better suited for some locations.  The configuration allows electricity to be produced in the powerhouse when it is needed, while storing a portion of a creek's flow for later use when the demand or the price of electricity is higher. In both cases, the generated power is transmitted to the electrical grid. Water exiting the powerhouse is returned to the river in compliance with all regulatory requirements and, in the case of a run of river facility, with minimal flow alteration.

Our team has the demonstrated ability to effectively manage interfaces between design and construction teams, First Nations, communities, and stakeholders to deliver a complex infrastructure project.  Let us assist with designing an innovative solution tailored for your specific requirements.

Run of River & Small Hydro Projects

Clean Energy Consulting is the right strategic partner to accomplish a project that provides significant financial and environmental benefits.

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