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A variety of biomass types can be used to sustainably produce electricity, liquid fuels, thermal, and other forms of renewable energy. When used to generate electricity, it is complementary to other non-firm renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. In colder climates, biomass plants are more efficient in the winter and provide complementary generating capacity to hydroelectric generation which depends on seasonal run off (freshet).

Biomass can be stored and is ideally suited for conversion into energy products rather than being disposed of as waste by incineration, landfilling, or abandonment. Overall efficiencies can exceed 80% when biomass is used in a combined heat and power (CHP) configuration presenting exceptional opportunities for remote community energy systems, enabling complementary enterprises such as greenhouses and drying systems.

Small scale, distributed generation can stabilize the grid, address demand constraints on infrastructure, and reduce transportation requirements by locating facilities close to the feedstock source. Additional benefits include:

  • reduction of waste streams
  • stabilization of smaller communities through skilled labour opportunities
  • enhancement of the forest land base

These projects require solid feedstock supply, bankable offtake agreements, confidence in plant performance, appropriate technology selection, project planning, and demonstrated ability to construct and operate the facility. Let us assist with designing an innovative solution tailored for your specific requirements.

Biomass Projects

"As you know, a key feature of forest industry transformation is repurposing low value commodity production facilities so new, richer revenue streams can be added to enhance cash flow.  Tim's company did a spectacular job for us designing and engineering our conversion of an idled newsprint facility we purchased at Mackenzie, BC into a woody biomass power generating station supplying green electricity to over 20,000 British Columbia residences.  Tim has unique insights that will be of huge value to those looking to develop projects in all regions of Canada

Ken Shields,
Chairman & CEO, Conifex 

"Power plants fuelled by sawmill, logging waste to produce electricity this year"

Article by Gordon Hoekstra
Vancouver Sun

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